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Why is Akbar remembered as a great ruler?

Akbar was known for rewarding talent, intellect and loyalty without considering ethnic background or religion. His success in expanding and creating his empire lied on his ability to appease people as well as rule the lands he conquered. For instance, he made an alliance with Rajput rulers who were defeated by him.

What was Akbar greatest achievement?

What did Akbar accomplish? Akbar extended the reach of the Mughal dynasty across the Indian subcontinent and consolidated the empire by centralizing its administration and incorporating non-Muslims (especially the Hindu Rajputs) into the empire’s fabric.

Who is Akbar the Great Why was he called as the Great?

Known as Akbar the Great, his reign lasted from 1556–1605. Although he was a fierce warrior, Akbar was a wise ruler, popular with the people he conquered. Akbar won the support of the Hindu kings he had defeated by marrying their daughters. Akbar had 36 wives.

What qualities of Akbar made him great?

Akbar was strong-willed, fearless and often cruel, but he was also just and compassionate and had an inquiring mind.

At what age did Akbar died?

63 years (1542–1605)

Who was the most handsome Mughal emperor?

Shah Jahan

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