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Why did the union have bad generals?

Many of the Union generals followed McClellan’s bad example because the Eastern army he shaped loved his avoidance of conflict whenever possible.

How many generals did the union have?


Why was Union military leadership so problematic?

Adding to their inexperience and inadequate education, Union officers also lacked a central command structure, trained troops and military maps, and suffered from the readjustment of generals returning from civilian life, harsh press coverage — particularly in the Eastern Theater — and a failure of strategic and …

Did the union have better generals?

Looking at the whole war the Union had far more generals who were successful in roles of independent and higher command than the Confederates.

Is Samurai better than Knight?

A knight had a rank in the army, but a samurai had no. Compared to Knight, Samurai looked scarier. Samurais tend to optimize the functions of weapons, while Knights tend to attack their enemies. Knight vs Samurai both had different weapons.

Can a samurai sword cut through Knight armor?

A katana is NOT able to cut through plate nor mail armour. Soldiers were equipped with other weapons to deal with armored targets.

Could samurai armor stop a sword?

Japanese military archery focussed very much on trying to penetrate armour. Sometimes they succeeded, but usually the armour won. The armour would have usually won against 150lb European longbows. It will stop a sword.

Can samurai armor stop bullet?

Bullet resistant armours were developed called tameshi gusoku (“bullet tested”), allowing samurai to continue wearing their armour despite the use of firearms.

What was samurai armor made of?

Made from black-lacquered iron plates tied together, the armour was flexible, allowing its wearer to move freely. The armoured skirt, called a kusazuri, shields the thighs, while the arm coverings combine protective chain mail with fine blue silk.

Is Samurai armor steel?

Japanese samurai armor is typically made up of many small parts and a wide variety of materials. Steel, leather, and wood typically form the protective plating, which may be composed of many small sections laced together using leather or silk cord.

Did samurai wear wooden armor?

Samurai armour was never made of wood (although wood was sometimes used for decorative purposes), and it always did an admirable job at protecting the wearer from the weapons of the era. Now, there is evidence that wood was used for some Japanese armour in the Kofun era (about the 4th Century AD) and before.

Were there any female samurai?

Long before the western world began to view samurai warriors as inherently male, there existed a group of female samurai, women warriors every bit as powerful and deadly as their male counterparts. They were known as the Onna-bugeisha. One of the first female samurai warriors was Empress Jingu.