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Who invented Stollen?

“We just want to point out that the Stollen in its current form goes back to a cake made 550 years ago by the Torgau baker Heinrich Drasdow.”

Where did Stollen bread originate?


Why is it called Stollen?

The word Stollen, was a word for a post or boundary stone for a city. Striezel is a word for loaf, and the shape of the bread along with being dusted with powdered sugar was a symbolic shape of the baby jesus in swaddling clothes so it was also called Christstollen.

What is the history of Stollen?

Dresden Stollen is said to have originated in 1329 as a result of a contest offered by the Bishop of Nauruburg. Bakers in the region produced a wonderful bread baked with the finest butter, sugar, raisins, citron and other specialty ingredients. Stollen at that time were baked in loaves weighing 30 pounds.

Why is stollen eaten at Christmas?

Why do we eat Stollen at Christmas? The shape of Stollen– this fold-over dough with a white top layer– is symbolic of baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling cloths. It started as a fasting cake made during Advent when people couldn’t use butter, milk, or fruits (due to fasting rules) so it started as a very plain bread.

What is the best way to eat stollen?

Traditionally stollen is sliced and served as is with breakfast, although some people prefer to warm individual slices in a toaster or a microwave. Over time, the topping on the stollen may become discolored.

How long will stollen keep?

Eat your stollen within 2 weeks. Stollen lasts for a while, and the flavors will intensify as they age. Try to eat your stollen within 2 weeks or so for the freshest flavor and texture. If you don’t eat your stollen within a 2 weeks, it could dry out.

Does stollen go off?

How long will stollen last? Stollen will last several months if kept covered in a cool, dry place. Stollen loaves are made in early November for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Stollen loaves will become more moist and flavorful with age.

What is the best stollen?

The first and most famous variety of stollen is the Dresdner Christstollen. Some historians date its origin back to 1329 and over the centuries the stollen was refined to become what it is today.

Why does stollen last so long?

The ingredients in our stollen have been time-tested to ensure a long shelf life. If stored in a cool and dry place such as a bread box or drawer, your stollen will last for months. We use no artificial preservatives. Our raisins and citron are marinated overnight before being baked in our bread.

Is it stolen or stollen?

Stollen (pronounced “shtaw-lehn”) is a proper noun. It means a sweet bread cake with nuts and candied fruit in it that is popular in Germany. The Italian Panettone is a similar dish, but it’s a tall cake with non-candied fruit in it. Stolen (pronounced “stoh-lehn”) is the past participle of the verb steal.

What is the difference between panettone and stolen?

Panettone typically contains candied orange peel and raisins; traditional stollen had candied lemon peel and dried cherries as well. Meanwhile, for making stollen, simmer handfuls of firm, bright cranberries in another pot of simmering syrup.