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Which statement describes a major advantage of a unitary system of government over a confederal system?

Answer Expert Verified A Confederal System of Government indeed maximizes the freedoms of its citizens, by giving more power and authority to state and local institutions. A Unitary government benefits those around the authoritarian leaders, and least influential regions have a greater chance of being under supported.

What is the difference between a Confederate and a unitary government?

A confederate government is what the Confederate States of America were attempting to create when they seceded from the Union at the beginning of the Civil War. A unitary government is the opposite, in which the central, federal government, holds absolute power over the individual units.

Which of the following is an important disadvantage of unitary government?

The disadvantages of using this type of system are it has slow government response. For example, there are no state National Guard that could be dispatched in emergency, troops would have to be mobilized from national authority. It is also easily looses track of local issues.

Which statement describes the role of the national government in a federal system Brainly?

Answer Expert Verified The role of the national government in a federal system is to balance the power of the states.

What best describes the American system of federalism?

State and federal governments share power, but the federal government is supreme. Explanation: The administration of the United States of America is a FEDERATION. Federalism is a system of government in which power is shared between a national (federal) government and many state governments.

What exactly does the president do?

The President is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws written by Congress and, to that end, appoints the heads of the federal agencies, including the Cabinet. The Vice President is also part of the Executive Branch, ready to assume the Presidency should the need arise.