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Which emperor put an end to the persecution of Christians?

emperor Galerius

What was the exact reason for Ovid’s exile?

Ovid wrote that the cause of his exile was carmen et error: “a poem and an error”, probably the Ars Amatoria and a personal indiscretion or mistake. The council of the city of Rome revoked his exile in December 2017, so he would be able to freely return.

Why did Augustus turn against Marc Antony?

Mark Antony was in Egypt with Cleopatra instead of his wife, Octavia, who also happened to be Octavian’s sister. Octavian was scheming to find a way to sever ties with Mark Antony, start a war to crush him, kill a potential rival and take control of the entire Roman world.

Why was the Pax Romana period important?

The term “Pax Romana,” which literally means “Roman peace,” refers to the time period from 27 B.C.E. to 180 C.E. in the Roman Empire. This 200-year period saw unprecedented peace and economic prosperity throughout the Empire, which spanned from England in the north to Morocco in the south and Iraq in the east.

What was Augustus response to Ovid’s writings quizlet?

What was Augustus’ response to Ovid’s writings? Augustus did not approve of the writings and banished Ovid from Rome.

Which of the following literary pieces was the first to detail the Greek pantheon?

Which of the following literary pieces was first to detail the Greek pantheon? Iliad Correct AnswerTheogony You AnsweredWorks and Days Odyssey Question 210 / 10 ptsIn the ancient Greek theater, what term identifies the elevated platform on which the actors performed?

What did Augustus try to promote in his Primaporta statue?

One of Augustus’ most famous portraits is the so-called Augustus of Primaporta of 20 B.C.E. In fact, in this portrait Augustus shows himself as a great military victor and a staunch supporter of Roman religion. The statue also foretells the 200 year period of peace that Augustus initiated, called the Pax Romana.

What word of Saxon origin can be translated as Fort?

Other words:

Anglo-Saxon origin words Old French origin words
maidenhood virginity
win (noun) victory
stronghold fort, fortress
earl count

Who was sent to England to convert the pagan Anglo Saxons to Christianity?


What is the name of the system whereby the eldest son inherits all property?

Primogeniture is when the oldest son inherits all or more of his parents’ stuff than any of his siblings. When a king dies, his eldest typically son inherits the throne by the rules of primogeniture.

What was the symbolic intent behind the placement of the entrances to the Sainte Chapelle chapel?

What was the symbolic intent behind the placement of the entrances to the Sainte-Chappelle chapel? The chapel was built on the donations of guilds and the height of all entrances had been determined by this patronage. What distinguishes Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales from Boccaccio’s Decameron?

Why is the upper chapel of Sainte Chapelle considered an architectural reliquary?

The Sainte-Chapelle is a reliquary chapel meant to house a number of relics, particularly the Passion relics. Like other large churches, its construction included a nave, apse and vaulting. Many things were stripped from the building, including relics, reliquaries and the baldachin.

What is considered the masterpiece of Gothic sculpture?

Chartres Gothic Cathedral The twenty-four column statues originally existing there are probably the most famous works in the whole of Gothic sculpture.

How did architectural engineering impact the interior of Gothic cathedrals?

This engineering advancement enabled artistic statements to be displayed in the wall areas of glass. The huge stained glass windows and a profusion of smaller windows throughout Gothic buildings created the effect of interior lightness and space and exterior color and grandeur.

What is the architectural purpose of a flying buttress?

The flying buttress (arc-boutant, arch buttress) is a specific form of buttress composed of an arch that extends from the upper portion of a wall to a pier of great mass, in order to convey to the ground the lateral forces that push a wall outwards, which are forces that arise from vaulted ceilings of stone and from …

Why are pointed arches stronger?

The higher the arch, the stronger and thicker the walls need to be, and walls could only be so thick before becoming ridiculously impractical and expensive. Pointed arches, however, direct much of the thrust of weight downward, toward the ground, and they can thus support much thinner, higher walls.

What is the strongest Arch?

St. Louis Gateway Arch

What is the purpose of pointed arch?

A pointed arch places more stress on the very tip of the arch, where the point is, which actually concentrates, rather than evenly distributes, the pressure. As a result, pointed arches can exceed the height of the average Roman arch, allowing for much taller buildings and therefore more interior space.

What is a pointed arch called?

A pointed arch, ogival arch, or Gothic arch is an arch with a pointed crown, whose two curving sides meet at a relatively sharp angle at the top of the arch. This architectural element was particularly important in Gothic architecture.

What is the difference between a buttress and a flying buttress?

A buttress is a structure built against another structure in order to strengthen or support it. Flying buttresses consist of an inclined beam carried on a half arch that projects from the walls of a structure to a pier which supports the weight and horizontal thrust of a roof, dome or vault.

What did the pointed arch allow Gothic builders to do?

The defining design element of Gothic architecture is the pointed or ogival arch. The use of the pointed arch in turn led to the development of the pointed rib vault and flying buttresses, combined with elaborate tracery and stained glass windows.