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What is catastrophe theory psychology?

The catastrophe theory concludes that increases in levels of cognitive anxiety will help performance if somatic anxiety is low. If there are high levels of cognitive anxiety & there is a continuous increase in somatic anxiety/physiological arousal then performance can suddenly deteriorate – a ‘catastrophic’ response.

What is arousal and anxiety?

It is helpful to remember that anxiety is psychological, that is, comes from the mind of the athlete. On the other hand arousal is physiological resulting from bodily responses to a stimulus. Arousal levels required for optimum performance in a sport depend on the individual sport.

What is multidimensional anxiety theory?

According to Oxford reference, multidimensional anxiety theory is the “theory that predicts that an increase in cognitive state anxiety (worry) has a negative effect on performance. Cognitive state anxiety: they are related to the worrying and negative perception or thoughts about self-performance.

In sport setting, arousal is often linked to anxiety. Anxiety is a negative emotional state with feelings of worry, nervousness and apprehension that is associated with the arousal and activation of the nervous system. In general, arousal has two kinds of effects on performance.

Is arousal stressful?

Stress is an emotion that can have a positive or negative outcome. It is caused by a stimulus, which results in arousal and possible action. Arousal is another emotion that involves activation and excitation. At high levels of stress and arousal, actions can be inhibited.

Why does HOCD feel so real?

The HOCD Thoughts Feel Real People with HOCD are often thrown by their obsessions, and explain that the thoughts “feel so real.” Why is that? The answer involves fear, repetition, and the power of mental habits. People with HOCD focus excessively on their reaction to men vs. women.

Is Pocd a real thing?

Pedophilic obsessive-compulsive disorder (POCD) is an informal name for OCD when the primary symptom is pedophilic obsessions. It is a sub-type of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). POCD is sometimes considered a version of “pure O” OCD or purely obsessive OCD. OCD usually involves obsessions and compulsions.

Why is OCD so hard?

In particular, it found disrupted connectivity between neural pathways that connect the front of the brain with the basal ganglia, which are critical for flexible thinking and goal-directed behaviours that we know are impaired in OCD patients and are likely to contribute to the difficulty of overcoming the drive to …

Is OCD 100 percent curable?

As with all forms of mental illness, there is no known OCD cure. While medication can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of OCD if you stop taking the drug it is likely that your symptoms will return.

Can OCD look like bipolar?

Bipolar disorder–OCD overlap is common: between 15% and 20% of patients with bipolar disorders also meet criteria for OCD. When found together, the conditions interact: OCD symptoms worsen during depression and improve during mania (most but not all of the time).