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What is a narrative discourse?

Narrative discourse is the narration, written or oral, of an event or series of events, real or imaginary. The narration is organized in function of the spatial-temporal context, but also following cause and effect logic.

What is discourse time?

Story-time is the sequence of events and the length of time that passes in the story. Discourse-time, on the other hand, covers the length of time that is taken up by the telling (or reading) of the story and the sequence of events as they are presented in discourse.

What does the space mean in the story and discourse?

Space. Space in Discourse and Story. On the level of discourse the category of space comprises the spatial dimensions of the medium: the length of the book, the size of the pages, amount of empty space on a page and so on.

What is procedural discourse?

Procedural discourse is a monologue discourse task concerned with explaining to a listener how a particular activity is carried out. The results are discussed in relation to issues in selecting control groups for discourse research following TBI, together with the clinical implications of the findings.

What is spatial criticism?

Geocriticism is a method of literary analysis and literary theory that incorporates the study of geographic space. The term designates a number of different critical practices. In France, Bertrand Westphal has elaborated the concept of géocritique in several works.

What is the spatial turn in history?

Spatial turn is an intellectual movement that places emphasis on place and space in social science and the humanities. It is closely linked with quantitative studies of history, literature, cartography, and other studies of society.

What is spatial setting in literature?

Setting. The time and place of the action in a work of fiction. The spatial setting refers to the place or places in which action unfolds.

What does spatial and temporal mean?

Spatial refers to space. Temporal refers to time. It describes a phenomenon in a certain location and time — for example, shipping movements across a geographic area over time (see above example image).