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What does the rosebush symbolize in The Scarlet Letter?

Throughout The Scarlet Letter, a wild rose bush is used as a symbol for freedom, romantic aspiration, and all the things that Puritan society is not.

Why does Hester remove the scarlet letter?

For Hester, to remove the scarlet letter would be to acknowledge the power it has in determining who she is. Hester chooses to continue to wear the letter because she is determined to transform its meaning through her actions and her own self-perception—she wants to be the one who controls its meaning.

What is the most obvious symbol in The Scarlet Letter?

Besides the characters, the most obvious symbol is the scarlet letter itself, which has various meanings depending on its context. It is a sign of adultery, penance, and penitence. It brings about Hester’s suffering and loneliness and also provides her rejuvenation.

Why does Pearl cry at the end of Chapter 7?

At the end of chapter 7, why is pearl crying? Chillingworth believes Dimmesdale has a secret to tell. I think Chillingworth sees potentially another A in the room. This has a positive effect on Chillingworth and makes him happy that he may of solved this mistory.

What did pearl ask Mr Dimmesdale?

What did Pearl ask Mr. Dimmesdale? Pearl asked Mr. Dimmesdale if he would stand on the platform with her mother and herself at noon the following day.

Why does Chillingworth look uglier and more misshapen to Hester now?

Hawthorne first described Chillingworth as having a look of “calm intelligence.” Now he has changed, becoming uglier and more misshapen. His obsession with revenge is making him become evil, another of the novel’s themes. This is Hester’s second major conflict with Puritan authority.

Why does Hester question if Pearl is her daughter?

Who is Pearl? Why did Hester name her daughter Pearl? She refers to is as a price, that Hester had put all effort into her daughter. She, the child, is Hester’s only treasure.