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What are the 15 Cabinet departments?

The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the …

What is true about independent agencies?

Independent Agencies are outside of the executive branch and are not under the supervision of the president. They were in most cases created by Congress to deal with matters that have become too complex for the scope of ordinary legislation.

What is the largest independent agency?

  • 1) Acxiom.
  • 2) Merkle.
  • 3) inVentiv Health Communications.
  • 4) Freeman.
  • 5) Richards Group.
  • 6) Wieden+Kennedy.
  • 11) Goodness Mfg./Trailer Park.

Is FBI an independent agency?

The agency’s budget is authorised by Congress. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice and reports to the attorney-general, but operates largely independently.

How many federal agencies exist?

440 agencies

What agencies is considered an independent federal agency?

List of independent federal agencies

  • Administrative Conference of the United States.
  • Board of Veterans’ Appeals (VA)
  • Broadcasting Board of Governors.
  • U.S. Chemical Safety Board.
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Corporation for National Community Service.

What is currently the top priority of the FBI?

The FBI has shifted agent resources to its top priorities of counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and cyber crime. In addition, the FBI has had a continuing need to temporarily redirect agents from drug, white-collar, and violent crime enforcement to address counterterrorism-related workload demands.

What are the top ten priorities of the FBI?

The FBI’s major priorities are to:

  • Protect the United States from terrorist attack;
  • Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage;
  • Protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes;
  • Combat public corruption at all levels;
  • Protect civil rights;

What are the 11 divisions of the FBI?


  • Director’s Office.
  • National Security Branch.
  • Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch.
  • Intelligence Branch.
  • Science and Technology Branch.
  • Information and Technology Branch.
  • Human Resources Branch.

What is the FBI motto?

Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

How do I report an insurrectionist to the FBI?

You can call ‪1-800-CALL-FBI (1-‪800-225-5324) to verbally report tips and/or information related to this investigation, or submit at tip online at

Can you tell if a phone is tapped?

If there are clicking sounds, static or distant voices coming through your phone during conversations it could be a sign that you’re being snooped on. If you are hearing fragmentary voices, they may not be in your head; it’s a possibility that your phone has been tapped.

Can an Iphone be tapped by police?

Simply put, police can tap a phone when they have obtained a wiretap order. The circumstances under which they can obtain this order are outlined in The Wiretap Act which regulates the collection of contents of wire and electronic communications by federal investigatory authorities.

Can you tell if someone has accessed your Iphone?

Check which devices are signed in with your Apple ID by going to Settings > [your name]. Sign in to with your Apple ID and review all the personal and security information in your account to see if there is any information that someone else has added.