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What are 3 types of revolution?

There are three kinds of massive revolutions. They are Agricultural, Industrial, and Information Revolution. A revolution is a change that occurs rapidly and massively, leading to a fundamental transformation of society.

What is gold revolution?

What is Golden Revolution? The period between 1991 to 2003 is known as the period of Golden Revolution in India. The Golden revolution is related to the production of honey and horticulture. It is a part of the important agricultural revolutions of India.

Who is the father of Red revolution?

Vishal Tewari

Who started Red Revolution?

What is yellow revolution?

The revolution launched in 1986- 1987 to increase the production of edible oil, especially mustard and sesame seeds to achieve self-reliance is known as the Yellow Revolution. Yellow Revolution targets nine oilseeds that are groundnut, mustard, soybean, safflower, sesame, sunflower, niger, linseed, and castor.

What is the color of fertilizer revolution?


What is white revolution short answer?

White Revolution was one of the biggest dairy development movements, by the Indian Government, in India in 1970. It was a step taken by the Indian Government to develop and help the dairy industry sustain itself economically by developing a co-operative, while providing employment to the poor farmers.

What do you mean by Yellow Revolution and pink revolution?

Yellow Revolution: Yellow revolution refers to a sudden increase in the production of edible oil due to the plantation of hybrid oil seeds like mustard, sesame, etc. Golden Revolution: The significant increase in the production of vegetables, fruits, honey and other horticultural products is called Golden Revolution.

What white revolution means?

What is the White Revolution? The revolution associated with a sharp increase in milk production in the country is called the White Revolution in India also known as Operation Flood. White revolution period intended to make India a self-dependent nation in milk production.

What has White Revolution led to?

Green revolution leads to increased food production and white revolution lead to increased milk production.

Who started White Revolution?

Verghese Kurien

What are the phases of White Revolution?

Operation Flood leading to White Revolution:

  • Programme Implementation: Operation Flood was implemented in three phases.
  • Phase I. Traditionally, India has been an importer of dairy products.
  • Phase II. Operation Flood Phase II (1981–1985) increased the milksheds from 18 to 136; 290 urban markets expanded the outlets for milk.
  • Phase III.
  • Far reaching consequences:

Who is associated with white revolution?

Dr Verghese Kurien

How did the White Revolution start?

“Operation Flood started the White Revolution in India and made our country self-sufficient in milk and this was achieved entirely through the cooperative structure. Today around 12 million farmers in more than 22 states across the country own around 250 dairy plants handling around 20 million litres of milk a day.

What is implied by Operation Flood?

Krish answered this. Operation Flood is another name given to the White Revolution. Due to the Green Revolution, India has become the largest producer of milk in the world. Dairy development has contributed to household nutritional security and an increase in income.

Where did white revolution started in India?

Shri Lal Bahadur Shasri, Prime Minister of India, visited Anand on 31st October 1964 for inauguration of the Cattle Feed Factory of Amul at Kanjari.

Who started Operation Flood?