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Of all the thinkers who belonged to the scene philosophical of the past century, perhaps beyond Paul Ricoeur, one of which, at all times, was more bound to its time, elapse between the shocks of recent history, with lucidity and with a prudence unworthy of a century in romance declared with the excess.

The past Friday 21 February 2014 was issued on The 2 of TVE the article Paul Ricoeur: Time, pain, justice, developed by UNED.


  • Alejandro Tiana Ferrer. Rector, UNED
  • Maria Teresa Oñate and Zubía. Professor of Philosophy, UNED
  • Angela Sierra González. Professor of Ancient Philosophy, University of La Laguna
  • Marcelino Agís Villaverde. Professor of Philosophy, USC
  • Manuel Maceiras Fafián. Professor of Philosophy, UCM


Source: Channel-UNED