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Is Al B Sure biracial?

He is of African-American descent.

How old is Albyshore?

52 years (June 4, 1968)

Who is Christopher Williams Dating?

Dating History 3

# Partner End
3 Natalie Macklin present
2 Halle Berry Apr 1992
1 Stacey Dash 1992

Tarrytown, New York, U.S. Christopher James Williams (born November 2, 1967) is an American actor, voice actor and comedian who starred as “Eddie” on the CBS series The Great Indoors. He is the younger brother of Vanessa Williams.

What nationality is Christopher Williams?


How old is Keith Washington?

60 years (November 15, 1960)

Does Stacey Dash have a child with Christopher Williams?

Relationships and children Dash has two children. She has a son named Austin, born in 1991 from her relationship with singer Christopher Williams.

How old is Stacey?

54 years (January 20, 1967)

Who is Stacey Dash husband?

Jeffrey Martym. 2018

How Old Is Stacey Dash clueless?


What does Jeffrey Marty do for a living?

A lawyer based in Trinity, Florida, Marty is known for creating a fake account on Twitter for “Rep.

What is Stacey Dash’s net worth?

Up until 2018, Stacey Dash’s net worth was estimated to be around $8 million, but it is now estimated to be around $100 thousand.

Who is Stacey Dash mother and father?

Linda Dash

Is Damon Dash and Stacey Dash siblings?

Stacey and Damon are first cousins. Aside from their familial relation, they worked together within their respective fields of entertainment and remained close, using their influence to help one another along the way.

Is Stacey Dash still married?

‘Clueless’ actress Stacey Dash arrested in Florida The actress’ estranged, Jeffrey Marty, filed documents Monday claiming Dash used trickery to get him to marry her, and wants the whole thing annulled, TMZ first reported. In June, Dash filed for dissolution of marriage, according to Pasco court records.

How old was Dame Dash when he dated Aaliyah?

The pair began dating in 2000 when Aaliyah was 21-years-old. Damon was eight years her senior, making him 29 when he first began seeing the singer. He later said that they understood each other and that their connection was unlike any other he’d had with a woman before.

Did Damon Dash and Rocky have a baby?

Hip-hop superstar and serial entrepreneur Dame Dash (real name Damon Anthony Dash) along with his fiancé photographer and designer Raquel “Rocky” Horn have welcomed a bundle of joy. Taking to Instagram, the 49-year-old announced the news with a sweet message to the mother of his child.

Did Damon Dash and Aaliyah have a child?

Laiyah Evonne Lilakoi Haughton is the daughter of inspirational, and legendary singer, Aaliyah Haughton, and Damon Dash, but what Laiyah doesn’t know is that she’s adopted.

Did Aaliyah dated Jay Z first?

In a separate interview with Hip-Hop-Motivation, Dash confirmed that JAY-Z had known Aaliyah first and that they had both started to pursue her later. Despite establishing a rapport with JAY-Z, Aaliyah reportedly began dating Dash in late 1999. They were together until her death in a plane crash in August 2001.

Who Dated Jay-Z before Beyonce?


How old was Jay-Z when he dated Beyonce?

We don’t know the exact date when Beyoncé and Jay-Z first met, but she did give us an idea when talking to Seventeen in 2008. “I was 18 when we first met, 19 when we first started dating,” she revealed. “There was no rush—no one expected me to run off and get married.”

Who all did Aaliyah date?

Occupation Singer actress model dancer
Years active 1989–2001
Spouse(s) R. Kelly ​ ​ ( m. 1994; ann. 1995)​
Partner(s) Damon Dash (2000–2001)

How did Aaliyah died How old?

22 years (1979–2001)

When did Aaliyah give birth?

16 January 1979

Who is Aaliyah’s brother?

Rashad Haughton