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How does Bernard change when they visit the reservation?

Bernard gets the attention he had always wanted when he brings John and Linda back from the savage reservation. Most likely he wants attention because he feels insecure. He is an Alpha, but lacks the physical attributes that an Alpha should have. People talk about him behind his back.

Why does John hate the brave new world?

John’s rejection of the shallow happiness of the World State, his inability to reconcile his love and lust for Lenina, and even his eventual suicide all reflect themes from Shakespeare. He is himself a Shakespearean character in a world where any poetry that does not sell a product is prohibited.

Who is John and why wasn’t he allowed to participate in the ritual?

John was not allowed to participate because he was “the son of the she-dog” and was forced to leave. He contemplated suicide because of this.

Does Lenina have feelings for John?

No, it’s not that she develops feelings for him (or at least, no feelings other than mild confusion). Instead, she meets John, the half-wild child of a long-ago abandoned Beta. For John, it’s love at first sight when he sees Lenina. For Lenina, it’s more like lust at first sight.

Is John the Savage a tragic hero?

An Analysis of the Tragic Hero, John “the Savage” in the Book Brave New World. A tragic hero is a hero that has a shortcoming that causes their downfall. John was heroic in that he was his “own person” and did not conform to any society. What makes him tragic is his flaws – being naïve and ignorant to a set society.

Where does John the Savage go to live by himself?

That’s what John in Brave New World does. All of his life he had been raised on the Reservation, a place where people live according to a mash-up of Native American and Christian cultures. However, suddenly he is forced into the society of World State London, where happiness is the ultimate virtue.

Is John really freer than the World State members how is he conditioned in his own way?

John is freer than a World State citizen because he is capable of feeling a full range of emotions, including sadness. He doesn’t just pop a pill the moment he starts feeling anxious.

Why does John quote Shakespeare so often how did he learn to read?

John, as the quote indicates, learns to read because it is a defense against the pain of being an outsider, raised by a mother who has no comprehension of the culture she has landed in. Later, he takes to Shakespeare because Shakespeare’s words express his feelings so well.

What name did John call Linda that made her angry?


How does Mustapha Mond say he paid for being too much interested in the truth?

How does Mustapha Mond say he paid for being too interested in the truth? “‘But that’s the price we have to pay for stability. You’ve got to choose between happiness and what people used to call high art…that’s how I paid. By choosing to serve happiness.”

Why does John claim that tears are necessary?

John replies that tears are necessary. He quotes Othello to explain that we all need suffering, that it is a part of life and getting through it is what makes us human, what we can be proud of.