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How do you use proof in a sentence?

Proof sentence example

  1. But no, it wasn’t proof at all.
  2. What she saw today was proof that she needed it close by.
  3. His silence was proof enough.
  4. I’ve seen the proof with my own eyes.
  5. Gradually the balloon grew bigger, which was proof that it was settling down upon the Land of the Mangaboos.

How do you use prove in a sentence?

Prove sentence example

  1. I’m not asking you to prove anything.
  2. There’s no point in being uncomfortable just so you can prove what a macho man you are.
  3. You didn’t have to prove anything to me, you know.
  4. Got nothing to prove , big brother.
  5. I can’t prove it, but I think it’s a real possibility.

What does provide mean?

: to give something wanted or needed to (someone or something) : to supply (someone or something) with something. formal : to say that something will or should happen : to make it certain or possible that something will happen or be done.

What are synonyms for gave?

Synonyms & Antonyms of gave

  • bestowed,
  • contributed,
  • donated,
  • gave away,
  • presented,
  • volunteered.

What are synonyms for given?


  • accrued.
  • bequeathed.
  • endowed.
  • given.
  • granted.
  • handed down.
  • inherited.
  • passed on.

What is another word for providing?

What is another word for providing?

provision supply
giving purveying
allocation presentation
arrangement catering
equipping establishment

What’s another word for this?

What is another word for this?

such that
these those

What is another word for could not?

What is another word for could not?

couldn’t was not able to
was not capable of was not equal to
was not up to

What to say instead of I can t?

25 Alternatives To ‘I Don’t Know’ & ‘I Can’t’

  • I need help with …
  • Before I can respond, I need …
  • I’m nervous about being wrong.
  • I can’t …, but I can …
  • If I knew how to …, I could answer. (Or, ‘If I could …, I could …)
  • I don’t know now, but I will soon because …
  • After talking to …, I think …
  • Let me find out.

What does mean unable?

: not able : incapable: such as. a : unqualified, incompetent. b : impotent, helpless. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about unable.

How do you use unable in a sentence?

Unable sentence example

  1. She fluffed the pillow and changed position, unable to sleep.
  2. We both looked at her intently, unable to respond.
  3. She clung to him, unable to trust her voice or thoughts.
  4. He gave her a light kiss, unable to resist.
  5. “I’m pretty sure he gets the picture,” Damian said, unable to help his amusement.