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How did Columbus voyages to the Americas affect European exploration?

Columbus’ voyages led to further exploration of the Americas by Spain. When Spain did this, it found tremendous new resources, including major silver mines in modern-day Mexico and Peru. These new resources allowed Spain to become richer and more powerful for a time.

What impact did Columbus voyages have on Europe on the new world?

Christopher Columbus’s voyages had a profound impact on Europe. As it became clear that he had discovered a new continent and as wealth from this continent began pouring into Spain, Spain became more powerful.

What was one effect of European exploration of the Americas quizlet?

1. death of millions of natives and enslavement of those who lived. 2. Europeans becoming wealthy and Native Americans became poor.

What were the short term effects of European exploration of Latin America?

Short term effects are the immediate effects you can see right away. Long term effects are more gradual and last longer. For example the short term effects of Europeans in Latin America were the death of millions of Latin Americans and the long term effects were changes in their culutre like language.

What were economic effects of maritime exploration by European states?

Thesis: The economic effects of maritime exploration were mercantilism because of the great distance between monarchies and colonies and capitalism because of monarchies’ desire to gain more profit from trade. Evidence: Mercantilism being used by the English, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese monarchies in the Americas.

How did the arrival of the Europeans impact the indigenous people of Latin America?

As the English, French, and Spanish explorers came to North America, they brought tremendous changes to American Indian tribes. Diseases such as smallpox, influenza, measles, and even chicken pox proved deadly to American Indians. Europeans were used to these diseases, but Indian people had no resistance to them.

How did missions influence Latin America?

Religions• Priests, friars, and monks set up missions all over Latin America. Their job was to convert the indigenous population. They also ministered to the Europeans who moved to the area. The governments of Spain and Portugal supported the missionaries with money to build churches.

How did Christianity spread to Latin America?

Eastern Orthodox Christianity was brought to South America by groups of immigrants from several different regions, mainly Eastern Europe and the Middle East. This traditional branch of Eastern Christianity has also spread beyond the boundaries of immigrant communities.

How did the mission system expand the influence of Spain in North America?

The missions created by members of Catholic orders were often located on the outermost borders of the colonies. The missions facilitated the expansion of the Spanish empire through the religious conversions and pacification of the indigenous peoples occupying those areas.