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Does Hester Prynne love Pearl?

Pearl defines Hester’s identity and purpose and gives Hester a companion to love. Although she often struggles to understand Pearl’s rebelliousness and devilish spirit, Hester never wavers in her loving devotion to Pearl. Pearl, an outcast, is drawn to other outcasts, such as Mistress Hibbins and her witch friends.

What is the relationship between Hester and Pearl?

Pearl is a convoluted character, in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book The Scarlet Letter, with a lot of controversy surrounding her true demeanor and purpose. She is the daughter of Hester Prynne, a woman who has been convicted of adultery and must wear a scarlet letter on her chest for the rest of her life.

Why does Hester feel apprehension about Pearl?

In chapter 6, Hester’s feelings about Pearl range from believing she should be in Eden (referring to the garden God created wherein everything was perfect) with the angels to being grieved, agonized, and terrorized by the devil-child that she becomes.

What does Hester think is wrong with Pearl?

She is always active, and doesn’t like to follow rules. Hester thinks Pearl is evil by acting like a regular kid. She doesn’t like talking to new people and making friends, since she’s always with Hester.

Why does Pearl throw a tantrum?

Pearl had a temper tantrum because her mother did not have on her Scarlet Letter. In a way, Pearl thought her mom was “throwing away” Pearl as well as the scarlet letter. Therefore, Pearl was the one tying Dimmesdale and Hester to this sin, being the physical product of their sin.

What does Pearl do when the Minister kisses her on the forehead?

Although only a few days have passed since he kissed her forehead next to the forest brook, Pearl barely recognizes the minister. She tells Hester that she is tempted to approach the man and bestow a kiss of her own, and Hester scolds her.

How does Pearl react to punishment?

How does Pearl react to punishment? She thinks the child is a devil child and wasn’t at peace unless pearl was sleep. She doesn’t like the other children because she gets made fun of, and when she does she throws rocks at the other children.

What happens to Pearl and Hester along the way to the mansion How does Pearl react?

Hester pays a visit to Governor Bellingham’s mansion. On their way to see the governor, Hester and Pearl are attacked by a group of children, who try to fling mud at them. Pearl becomes angry and frightens the children off. The governor’s mansion is stuffy and severe.

What is the look that Pearl gives Hester?

What does it make Hester wonder? Pearl gives her mother a “certain peculiar look” that lets Hester know one of Pearl’s tantrums is about to begin. The look makes Hester question if Pearl is a human child because it is described as “so perverse, sometimes so malicious” (76).

Why is Pearl dressed the way she is?

Her actions reveal that, like Dimmesdale and Chillingworth, her outward appearance does not “match” her inner identity (Hurn). In psychological terms, she makes her “child of sin” beautiful in what seems to be an act of passive aggression. Pearl’s appearance reflects her mother’s genuine self.

How does Pearl help Hester?

Hester refuses to hide the scarlet letter with Pearl when she is walking to the scaffold because she is proud of Pearl. Pearl becomes Hester’s spiritual support because she brings love and happiness to her. When the governor plans to take Pearl away from Hester, she argues for the happiness that Pearl brought to her.

What happened to Pearl after Dimmesdale dies?

After Dimmesdale’s death, and the subsequent death of Roger Chillingworth, Pearl and Hester leave Boston and go abroad. After many years, Hester returns alone and lives quietly in the same cottage she had previously occupied.

What does Pearl do after she kisses Dimmesdale?

While Hester assures her that this admission will happen in the future, Dimmesdale kisses Pearl’s forehead in an attempt to mollify her. Pearl immediately goes to the brook and washes off the kiss. There she remains apart from the adults, and the brook babbles cheerlessly on.