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Did Baba really wrestle a bear?

Baba had wrestled bears his whole life. Losing his young wife. In the end, a bear had come that he couldn’t best. But even then, he had lost on his own terms.

What does the story of the black bear Tell us about Baba?

The black bear is a symbol of Baba and his beliefs. It represents Baba’s characteristics and reactions to important situations. Amir recalled something he once heard, “Lore has it my father once wrestled a black bear in Baluchistan with his bare hands…

What does the black bear symbolize in The Kite Runner?

Symbolism of the Bear in the Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini. Throughout history bears are used to symbolize strength, protection, and bravery because of their protective instincts and powerful bodies. In The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini, Baba is usually reference to the bear.

What does the bear that Baba fights symbolize in Chapter 3?

In Amir’s dream, he is the person who defeated the bear. Amir’s dream symbolically represents his fight with Assef and his victory over his personal demons, which have haunted him since childhood.

Why is Amir crying at the end of Chapter 3?

Once Amir goes with Baba to a Buzkashi (the national Afghan sport, similar to polo) tournament, but he cries when a rider gets trampled and Baba cannot hide his scorn for Amir’s tears.

How is General Taheri different than Baba?

General Taheri: the difference between the two is definitely how they view things and how they see people. Baba sees people more as people should. He doesn’t care about the social class of people. General Taheri is more traditional when it comes to social classes.

What is Baba diagnosed with how does he decide to treat it?

How does he decide to treat it? Baba is diagnosed with Oat Cell Carcinoma – a type of cancer that is incurable in the long run. Baba decides to forgo chemotherapy. Instead, he decides to chain smoke the whole way home.

How is Amir jealous?

The main character and narrator, Amir, finds himself jealous of anyone who steals parts of his father’s attention. His father (Baba) decided that he was going to build an orphanage in the city. It took three years before it was done being built, and there was a presentation and speech that Baba had to make to the city.

What does Amir say to Hassan?

‘For you, a thousand times over! ‘ Amir has just cut the blue kite and won the kite tournament. Hassan’s words, shouted to Amir as Hassan “runs” Amir’s blue kite, reveals Hassan’s unending loyalty and love for Amir.

What does Baba do when Hassan confesses?

What does Baba do after Hassan “confesses”? He forgives Hassan. Ali quits and tells Baba he and Hassan are leaving.

Does Amir forgive Baba?

For Amir, his father is a hero and not a liar. However, when Rahim Kahn explains Baba’s situation and why he acted this way, Amir starts to understand Baba, and he forgives him. Finally, Amir gets over his guilt by going back to Kabul, rescuing Sorhab, and making up for what he has done to Hassan; he forgives himself.

How does Baba betray Amir?

Baba betrays his longtime Hazara friend, Ali, by sleeping with his wife and getting her pregnant. Baba then betrays his illegitimate son, Hassan, by refusing to acknowledge that he is his biological father. Baba also betrays Amir by hiding the truth regarding Hassan.